The ShearEzy upright shearing machine is designed to enable either experienced or novice shearers to effectively and easily shear sheep whilst in the upright standing position

Wool is contained as a complete, intact fleece presented ready for classing. The machine can be set as a single stand or multiple units can be coupled together, they can be fixed to a trailer for use as a portable shearing shed. As a single unit it is portable and can easily be moved by two people to be set up in any location, typically in a wool shed, in machinery sheds or in the paddock


Upright shearing machine no back bending Shearing sheep table upright



When the operator requires a sheep for shearing a thumb controlled air valve is activated which clamps the body of a waiting sheep in the elevated compartment. A second valve is then used to transfer the sheep from the standing position to the back down totally inverted on the cradle


The sheep are easily restrained with the use of leg hooks to prevent kicking. The cradle also keeps the sheep in a still position while the belly, neck and crutch is shorn


While the sheep is initially on its back the belly wool is removed, the neck is opened up, the crutch and inside the legs are cleaned up. Each main segment of the body is shorn by long bows, as each section is completed the sheep is rotated by the operator depressing a foot operated air valve