The Peakhandler Professional Sheep Handler Trailer provides an integrated mobile system which consists of a fully air operated Peakhandler mounted within a purpose-built covered low-set trailer. The unit is designed and constructed to facilitate high throughput with a minimum of labour requirement for setup and operation

It is most suitable for use in remote locations


  • Peakhandler with non back ramps
  • Heineger EVO plant with flexi drive
  • Air compressor and hose
  • Dual race leadup system
  • Forcing pens
  • Galvanised roof with fold out shades
  • LED lights
  • RCD circuit breaker
  • Four storage toolboxes
  • Landing legs
  • Override brakes
  • VIN plated
  • Heavy duty 14″ light truck tyres, mounted spare & jockey wheel

Weight of fully equipped unit approx. 1600 Kg

Two stand high throughput bogie unit with electric brakes