The Immobilizer sheep handler is a truly multi-purpose mobile machine, it provides for husbandry and many other operations with the sheep squeeze clamping action. With optional modules it enables sheep/lamb weighing and data recording, drafting and crutching etc

Sheep are gently immobilized and safely restrained, suitable for handling all sized lambs and grown sheep including rams. Automatic clamping of sheep using an electric sensor means a stress free and fast sheep operation


Drenching sheep squeeze machine Sheep automatic clamp machine Shearing sheep table upright



12 volt battery. 8-10cfm air compressor (80-120psi)


All steel construction, fully galvanized using precision laser cut components. The working parts of the machine are completely enclosed. Two stretched rubber pads clamp the sheep using quick acting air chambers located internally


The Immobilizer can be operated in almost any location and can be quickly and easily set up or broken down for transport. It will fit in a 6’ x 4’ box trailer or can be easily loaded into a Ute or tray back. The unit has 6” rubber wheels and fold out handles for easy movement over a firm surface. Operations can be carried out in the woolshed, permanent yards, mobile yards in remote locations or can be set up on purpose built trailers for larger or contract operations


Automatic clamping using the sensor allows for quick, non forced self loading of sheep by one person using little physical effort. A push button releases the sheep, ready for the next one. Coupled with a good leadup system, sheep operations can be done extremely fast and easily


No lubrication is required due to the use of nylon bushes in all joints and hinge points. The air system does not require maintenance


Rear access module, Air operated drafting (three way), Gallagher weigh bars and indicators direct fit, Indicator stand, Floor extension for easier weighing, Plant stand, ATV wheels with full chassis and lead up ramps