The peakplunge is a mobile sheep dip which is easy to operate, simple, cost effective and can eradicate lice from sheep flocks by providing a thorough wetting to the skin of each sheep treated

Constructed of light weight, high-grade steel. Framework is RHS section, clad with sheet steel to form a water-tight tank. Walkway surfaces are non-slip perforated pressed sheet with ribs. Ramp floors are a unique pressed step profile, to allow a comfortable grip by the sheep when entering or leaving the dip

Totally mobile and is fully self-contained in the towing configuration. It is easily towed behind a car, and is equipped with new rims and radial tyres. Any type of hub or wheel can be fitted to suit your requirements. The leaf spring suspension is rated at 1200 Kg and provides a smooth ride over the roughest roads. The unit can be maneuvered by hand and set up for operation in difficult locations if required

Peak plunge mobile sheep dip setting up Mobile sheep dip Contracting sheep dip


Larger draining, cartage and mixing tanks can be provided as well as loading ramp extensions, hoses, fittings, filling/transfer pumps, leadup and forcing systems

The Peakplunge can be built to suit export in a container requiring minimal assembly before operation