The Peakhandler air rotate is a multi-purpose machine designed for the easy restraint and handling of sheep. Air powered, automatic turnover crate action requires little physical effort

The machine is suitable for merinos, cross breeds, prime lambs and rams. The Peakhandler has been designed and built for use by graziers or contractors and can be operated easily by an inexperienced person.

The use of curved, tubular materials in contact areas, plus the ability to regulate the pressure applied to the body of each sheep results in minimal stress and discomfort to the animals during processing

sheep handler crutching Full crutch belly shearing handler Shearing sheep table upright

Many operations can be performed quickly and easily including:

  • Full or bunghole crutch
  • Dagging
  • Wigging
  • Ringing
  • Drenching
  • Capsule insertion
  • Ear tagging
  • Foot trimming
  • foot paring and inspection
  • Pizzle wethers

Air powered rotation presents a fresh sheep and disposes of the processed sheep automatically, always leaving two sheep in the machine. With the sheep held inverted a full crutch can be performed without any back-bending at all


When crutching, 2-3 sheep per minute can be processed by an experienced operator with a helper to keep up the supply of sheep. Sheep interchange time can be as fast as 1-2 seconds depending on the type of sheep


Adjustable pressure, working height, cradle and gates allow for processing a wide variety of sheep effortlessly


All components are durable and long wearing. The air system requires no lubrication, filtering or servicing. Storage under cover is desirable to extend the life of the machine


The Peakhandler will fit in a 6’ x 4’ box trailer or can be easily loaded into a Ute or tray back. 6” rubber wheels are attached with fold down handles for easy movement on a firm surface. Operations can be carried out in the woolshed, permanent yards, mobile yards in remote locations or can be set up on purpose built trailers for larger or contract operations. Wheels and draw bar can be added for extra mobility


The risk of injuring sheep through breaking legs, bruising, crushing etc. is eliminated with the use of the Peakhandler. It is user-friendly and safe; eliminating bending, dragging, lifting and pulling. The risk of being kicked or injured by an unrestrained animal is also eliminated with the use of leg restraint and proper restraining techniques