Our sheep handling machines have options for crutching, weighing, drafting, foot trimming, mouthing, shearing, dipping, ear tagging and more. They are suitable for both contractors and graziers
Please select a machine for more information including pictures and video. For up to date information and prices please contact us


Sheep clamping machine automatic

Immobilizer Sheep Worker
This sheep handler eliminates fighting & struggling and improves safety, whilst handling your sheep quicker and easier

Sheep rotating handler

Peakhandler Air Rotate
The Peakhandler sheep handler easily inverts sheep for full crutch, belly shear, foot trimming, ear tagging and more

Mobile sheep dip

Peak Plunge Mobile Sheep Dip
Fully mobile self contained sheep dip. 9.5m swim length

Automatic sheep jetting lice

JetEzy Automatic Jetting Race
Effectively treat a large mob of sheep for lice and blowfly flystrike. Automatic spray activation ensures all sheep are treated thoroughly

Upright shearing machine

ShearEzy Upright Shearing Machine
Upright sheep shearing with automatic sheep loading and restraint with no back strain. Galvanised sheet metal construction, very portable

Artificial insemination sheep handler

Sheep Loader and Laparoscopic AI Cradle
No strain auto loader for large sheep. Sheep are easily placed and restrained on our tilting AI cradle for laparoscopic procedures

conveyor sheephandler

VeeEzy Conveyor
Multipurpose hydraulic sheep handler conveyor