Our sheep handler trailers can be customized with tool boxes, shades, working lights, air compressors, shearing mounts and more. Single and double trailers are available plus air bagged drop down trailers
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Sheep handler trailer

Basic Sheep Handler Trailer
Purpose built trailer suitable for operating the Peakhandler, Immobilizer, ShearEzy or VeeEzy

Drop trailer ground working

Drop Down Trailer
Working trailer for the Immobilizer, Peakhandler or VeeEzy, lowers to the ground for easy set up

Sheep yard trailer

Portable Sheep Yards
Trailer/draft race with removable drawbar, three way drafting gates, retractable wheels and can convert to a loading ramp

mobile sheep crutching trailer

Peakhandler Professional Trailer
Single or double trailer with fold out shades, tool boxes, lights, full VIN compliance, over-ride brakes and clearance lights